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    CUSI Launch in Washington DC: Photo Credit - David Hawkshurst

Message from the Director

DirectorWelcome to The Canada-U.S. Institute. Established by The University of Western Ontario in 2010, The Canada-U.S. Institute is the first interdisciplinary think tank in Canada devoted exclusively to studying our country's relationship with the United States. The primary objective of the Institute is to provide timely and policy relevant research and analysis on the political, economic, historical, legal, and cultural dimensions of the Canada-U.S. relationship.
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News & Events

Don Abelson - Presentations in Barcelona

Professor Abelson recently gave two presentations at Blanquerna - School of Communications and International Relations, Ramon Llull University, Barcelona, Spain. "A World of their Own: Think Tanks and World Politics" on April 24, 2014, and "The Role of Think Tanks in International Relations: A View from North America", April 25, 2014.

Don Abelson - Presentation in Italy

Professor Abelson gave a presentation on the future of American think tanks at the IMT Institute for Advanced Studies in Lucca, Italy on March  27, 2014.

Don Abelson - New Article in International Affairs

CUSI Director Don Abelson has a new article published in the journal International Affairs. The article, Old world, new world: the evolution and influence of foreign affairs think-tanks is featured in the January 2014 issue of the journal. Posted January 13, 2014.

Richard Vengroff  - Jan. 31

Kennesaw State University & Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in North American Integration, Carlton University

Beyond the Border Action Plan - Jan. 28

As part of the Deputy Minister University Champion's Event, Senior Advisor to the Privy Council Office, David Moloney will be giving a presentation, "Beyond the Border Action Plan."

Upcoming Events

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Current Initiatives

Canada-US Relationship

Canada-US Relationship

Arctic Research Project

Arctic Research Project

Neighborhood Revitalization Project

Neighborhood Revitalization