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DirectorWelcome to The Canada-U.S. Institute. Established by The University of Western Ontario in 2010, The Canada-U.S. Institute is the first interdisciplinary think tank in Canada devoted exclusively to studying our country’s relationship with the United States. Supported by three research centres: The Centre for American Studies, The Canada-U.S. Law Institute, and The Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management, and five faculties: Social Science, Arts and Humanities, Information and Media Studies, Law, and The Richard Ivey School of Business, the primary objective of the Institute is to provide timely and policy relevant research and analysis on the political, economic, historical, legal, and cultural dimensions of the Canada-U.S. relationship.

Over the next several months, project leaders at The University of Western Ontario will be coordinating the work of distinguished teams of researchers drawn primarily from Canada and the United States. These teams will explore a wide range of important domestic and foreign policy issues confronting decision makers in our two countries. Among the major themes that will preoccupy the Institute over the short term are: border security, environmental cooperation, energy renewal, Arctic sovereignty, bi-lateral trade, and health care. The Institute will also be home to a centre for the study of public opinion and behavior which will monitor the attitudes and perceptions of Canadians and Americans toward a host of critical policy issues.

The research generated by The Canada-U.S. Institute is intended to inform and enlighten multiple stakeholders, including political and business leaders, journalists, and fellow academics. To this end, most of the research products will take the form of occasional papers and policy briefs. These and other materials will be available in both hard copy and on our website:

We are very pleased to launch this major initiative at The University of Western Ontario, and look forward to playing a significant role in shaping the national conversation about Canada’s most important political and economic relationship.

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Donald E. Abelson, Director
The Canada-U.S. Institute
The University of Western Ontario